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Bali Cycling Tour and Community Aid 2012
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Support Crew
The Expedition will be supported by a crew of 20 which will include, 5 APVs, 2 support lorries, first aid crew and a media crew.


Maximum cyclists
Due to the road conditions and other factors, we are limiting the cyclists to 40 pax only.


The Route Profile
Below route profile is in no way a reflection of road gradients. It is a graph that is plotted by measuring distance against its corresponding elevation. What it does, is to show an overview of the altitudes the cyclists will be expected to go through. Click on the map to see daily route profile.

The 258.900 km Route
The cycling route is overall a very challenging one. Bali has an undulating, mountainous terrain, narrow roads and busy town centres.


The route that we have planned for is a proven route by an earlier expedition. The roads are all tarmac and mostly well maintained. Traffic can be heavy but manageable.