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Bali Cycling Tour and Community Aid 2012

Free Community Medical Screening

Together with doctors from BIMC Hospital and a team from Singapore, we will be doing a medical screening for free in the town, planned for Singaraja.


It is a full day event, a grand spectacle of its own that will offer free screening and medicine for those in Bali that needs it.

Family Tour

More than often, our advert cyclists go on to one of these cycling tours leaving their loved ones at home. Here we are creating the apportunity for a family event, for friends and supporters to enjoy BCTCA with a separate itinerary of their own while at the same time experiencing the cycling tour and taking part in the community service.

How these events work
This is a 7-day event to encompass a cycling tour, family tour and a free medical screening for people in Bali.


Day 1 will be for travel to bali and a kick-off dinner for all, with official guests from Singapore, Bali and all relevent authorities. A short welcome speech coupled with event briefings.


Day 2 will be the flaging off for the cyclists while the medical team will head off to BIMC for a separate medical program and screening preparation. Tthe families and supporters will go an a prepared tour after the flag off joining the cycling team only in the evening as they come in for the night stop.

This routine continues untill day 4 - The medical screening day. Beginning early morning, while the routine flag off for the cyclist starts, the medical team will be all ready in Singaraja to receive the public.


In the afternoon, the cyclists together with the family tour group will be expected to arrive in Singaraja. They will rest and soon after help will with the distribution of medical supplies.


For the cyclists and family tour group, it will be a 2-hour event at the screening site before they move off again and continue for their night stop. The Medical team will carry on the day till late afternoon.

Day 5 will be the last day for all supervised activities summing up with a closing dininer for all. Day 6 is a free and easy for all after which we will fly back home on Day 7.


A full detailed itinerary will be given upon registering. For any whom are interested in giving suggestions or any form of help, please feel free to email us at;

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