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Bali Cycling Tour and Community Aid 2012

Early 2011, we decided to once and for all do an event that reflects our vision since the inception of Edenhide.


In 2004, we wanted a company that will be profitable soley for the purpose on keeping us financially free to do the things we had aspired from the beginning - Community Developement. Not Charity but rather activities that will get people together, to work, play and allow everyone to understand, feel and be part of society.


Though we have still not achieve the desired monetary goal of being financially free, we do however have developed a network of resources that will allow us to comfortably start our community developement projects. In March 2011, we had the priviliage of working with one of

Singapore's pioneers for Charity Bike Aid, Mr. Manjit Singh whom have graciously shared and to whom we are thankful for his knowledge on the inner workings of organizing a bike tour. Coupled with our established organizing skills and managers whom are themselves ardent cyclists, we decided to push forward our plans.


This event have been moved from its original date of Mar 10, 2012 to a new confirmed date of Dec, 2012. 


Date : May 26th to June 1st, 2012.

Venue : Bali, Indonesia.


Event components;

1. 258 km Bali Cycling Tour.

2. Free Community Medical Screening.

3. Family Tour.


Its a Community Developement event that advocates bonding community through sports.


It is with certainty that sports, is generally doing that very thing. We wanted to do more than just the visual spectacle and the adrenaline rush people get from sports. We wanted it to represent responsibility for the community.


BCTCA wishes to sent a message that while we enjoy the sports of our choice, that very same sports

is being enjoyed by all people who may need a little more care than others. We choose cycling to represent that message, creating the fanfare as it move from point to point.


258 km Bali Cycling Tour

In approximation, 258.900 km. This is a long distance cycling event that will cover half of Bali and taking cyclists into the few most scenic and exotic areas in the region.


The ride will be a challenging one with very steep often winding mountaineous roads but the view is world class!


This route is not advisable for novice cyclists though we encourage those who wants a challange but be warned, you might just end up on your support vehicles.

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