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Bali Cycling Tour and Community Aid 2012

Medical Screening Itinerary
This itinerary is for the Medical crew that will be conducting the community medical screening in Singaraja. Their program is almost separate form the rest, only coming together during our special dinners and the medical screening.


Medical Crew;

The medical crew will be made up of;

1. 3 doctors from Bali,

2. 3 doctors from Singapore,

3. A crew from Bali medical students,

4. A crew from NUS Medical Society.


On Accommodation;

With exception of Day 5 and 6, The medical crew's lodging is still being planned for. This is due to the possibility of putting them up with BIMC hostels or accommodation nearer to the hospital.


On Cost;

The community medical screening cost is being borne by Sponsors and Grants.


On Meals;

Meals that are not reflected will not be included. This is to facilitate a free and easy opportunities for the crew.


Day 1 (26 May 2012)
Kuta - Pending

* Airport transfer
* Kick-off Dinner


Day 2 (27 May 2012)

Kuta - Pending

* Breakfast, Lunch.
* Public Health Centre visit.

* BIMC tour.


Day 3 (28 May 2012)

Kuta - Pending

* Breakfast, Lunch.

* Preparation for Medical Screening.

Day 4 (29 May 2012)

Kuta - Pending

* Breakfast, Lunch.

* Community Medical Screening.

Day 5 (30 May 2012)

Ubud - Champlung Sari Hotel.

* Breakfast, Lunch.
* After Action Review.
* End of Event Dinner

Day 6 (31 May 2012)

Ubud - Champlung Sari Hotel.

* Breakfast

* Free and Easy

   (Recommended Chandi Kuning)

   (cost not included)

Day 7 (1 June 2012)
* Breakfast

* Airport transfer

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